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XOAR Pulse ESC P60

XOAR Pulse ESC P60

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XOAR Pulse ESC - part of the family of XOAR Propulsion System.

  • Fast Response , High Efficiency
  • Low Noise , Temperature and Interference
  • Optimized to work with XOAR Titan T5010, T5012, T5015, T6008, T6012, T6015, Titan Air TA6012, TA6015.
  • Model: 60A
  • Lithium Battery: 4-6s
  • Recommended Battery: 6s
  • Continuous Current: 60A(good cooling condition)
  • Instant Current: 100A(good cooling condition)
  • BEC: N/A
  • PWM Voltage: 3.3V/5V(compatible)
  • Compatible Signal Frequency: 50-500Hz
  • Accelerator Pulse Width: default 1100us-1940us, support accelerator adjustment
  • Online Update: N/A
  • Current Protection: Included
  • Voltage Protection: Included
  • Accelerator Protection: Included
  • Stalling Protection: Included
  • Temperature Protection: Included
  • Short-circuit Protection: Included
  • Error Signal Output: Included
  • Speed Signal Output: Included
  • Dimensions(L*W*H): 70.6*33*16.2mm
  • Protection Grade: IP67(sealing)
  • Weight(without lines): ≈48g
  • Power Line: 14AWG
  • Motor Line: 14AWG
  • Working Temperature: -20~60℃
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